The Premier Property Manager of the Smokies

A Little About Us.
At Summit Cabin Rentals, you will find a group of people completely dedicated to making your cabin perform to its fullest potential. By putting the latest marketing techniques into practice, our cabins are in front of more travelers than ever before and Summit Cabin Rentals is trusted by thousands of visitors every year.

If you believe in the saying “A penny saved is a penny earned”, join our family of cabins at Summit Cabin Rentals and get ready to earn a lot of pennies. Not only do we compete to drive revenue into your cabin at the highest dollar amount possible but we also have learned how to do it at the cheapest cost possible, saving you more money than any other rental agency in the Smokies.

Our owners enjoy a stress-free experience, Summit takes care of everything at the most affordable price possible.

By incorporating better and more efficient cleaning and maintenance strategies, as well as smart systems and business techniques, we set the standard for affordable monthly costs to our owners, almost completely eliminating the need for after-hours service calls. Here are some of the other things Summit has going on.

• Management of 3rd party listing sites for your cabin.
• High efficiency maintenance and cleaning department.
• Thousands of visitors on
• 8, yes 8, websites with page 1 placement on and
• Secure owner login portal.
• Extensive lead generation through several outlets including online booking.
• Mobile App (go ahead and download it on the AppStore and GooglePlay).

There are also many other practices and sciences we employ that aren’t listed here, but we would love to tell you about the vast array of reasons why Summit fights to earn your business.  Our friendly staff is ready to have you take pride in Your rental company. Give Joe Lipsey a call at 865-805-5348 to get more information or fill out a “Contact Form” below and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We can’t wait to hear from you and learn more about your cabin.

Commission Split

  • The Other Guys
  • What's Left
  • Our Commission
  • What's Left

Integrated Partners

Are you ready to be part of a Property Management that has a proven track record for increasing revenue, offering higher commission splits, and embracing an efficient business model for keeping fees and charges to the absolute minimum.

A Cleaning and Maintenance maintenance team on a mission to provide the highest level of quality service while also building systems that save our owners money. Thorough maintenance checks, professionally trained cleaners, and industry vetted inspectors ensure for the highest level of customer satisfaction and repeat business.

Keep a close eye on your investment. Access your rental revenue reports, work orders, guest testimonials, and future reservations all through your online owner portal. Your online owner portal can be accessed anywhere in the world on any device. Our online system ensures transparency.

Track Record of Success!

A proven track record for success.

Increasing revenue and your commission split.

• By implementing the most cutting edge marketing techniques, we are in front of more potential guests than ever before.
• Through our mobile app (available on Android and Apple), we can market your cabin to ALL your guests, not just the person who made the reservation.
• Increase your potential repeat guests by 80%.
• Our main site,, places highly on and other search engines.
• Not to mention our 8 other websites that place on page 1 and 2 of Google and Yahoo.
• In addition to our complete in-house marketing routine, we manage listings on any 3rd party listing site through our reservation department.

Clean Cabins = Happy Guests #1 Clean in the Smokies

Striving to have the #1 cleaning department in the Smokies.

Increases revenue, lowers charges, and enhances guest satisfaction. Everybody Wins.

• We inspect each property before every check-in, after every clean, and during our routine monthly maintenance check.
• This is party of our “Leaving nothing to chance” policy.
• Being proactive and efficient is the key to saving our property owners money and ensuring exceptional high levels of guest satisfaction.
• Results in less after-hours service calls and higher guest satisfaction
• Higher guest satisfaction increases Repeat Guest Business

Powerful Tools to Monitor Success!

Keep a close eye on your investment.

Be able to monitor bookings, expenses, and testimonials. Complete Transparency.

• Through our online owner portal you can access your rental revenue, expenses, and guest testimonies.
• Your online owner portal is a powerful tool that is available to you 24/7 online, anywhere in the world.
• Know how much money you can expect from your property before the end of the month, no surprises.
• Money is direct deposited into your bank account no later than the 5th day of each month.

Let us assess your cabin’s projected rental revenue with Summit Cabin Rentals and you decide for yourself if we are a good fit. No obligation, no commitment, no questions asked.